Board Members

Left to Right:  Sitting:  Virginia Knopp, Chris Marshall, Melissa O'Brien and John Corkrean
Standing:  Sandy Garrett, Jason Starcher, John Norman, Phil Holcomb and Ray Dietz.  Not pictured:  Barry Hunter, Holly Smith ,Kip Smith, Travis Cullen, Ken Carr and Executive Director Kim Davis


John Norman – President
280 East Main Street
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-6656


Kip Smith– Vice President
146 Williams Drive
Spencer, WV 25276
Telephone: (304) 927-8170


Virginia Knopp - Secretary
PO Box 1009
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-3340


Ray Dietz – Treasurer
PO Box 234
Spencer, WV 25276
Telephone: (304) 927-1400


Ken Carr
100 Locust Avenue
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-1380


John Corkrean
212 Vallis Drive
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-4943


Travis Cullen
110 Parking Plaza
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-0975


Phil Holcomb
15 Chestnut Ridge
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-4831


Barry Hunter
207 Church Street
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 519-5959


Melissa O'Brien, County Commissioner
200 Main Street
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-0078


Holly Smith
216 Market Street
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-1750


Jason Starcher
102 Court Street

Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-4703


Kim Davis - Executive Director
207 Court Street
Spencer, WV  25276
Telephone:  (304) 927-1780

Family Practice / General Practice Physician:  Roane County Family Health Care, a Federally Qualified Health Center in rural WV, has an opening for a Family Practice or General Practice Physician licensed in the state of WV.  Malpractice is covered under FTCA.   Please send CV to Family Health Care; 146 Williams Drive; Spencer, WV 25276, or contact Kip Smith at 304-927-8170, FAX 304-927-8189, or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.








Membership in the Roane County Chamber of Commerce is open to individuals and businesses both.  The cost is nominal and with membership, you receive a listing on this website, monthly newsletters, and an invitation to the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner.

Use the membership form below to apply.  Once completed, mail, fax, or carry the application to the Chamber of Commerce office in Spencer, West Virginia.

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